Community Partners and Missionaries

How RLC is impacting the community.

RLC Community Partners and Missionaries

World MissionariesCountry/Ministry:

Boettiger, Richard and Minna Germany

Bowser, Chris and Debbie Peru

Burdick, David and Haley Argentina

Cartledge, Don and Jacquie Latin America

Corbin, Craig and Liz West Africa

“Live Dead Missionary (sensitive)” Arab World

Dickinson, Gary and Janice Gabon

Dietrich, Jared and Boggie Great Wall Corridor

Dove, Jeff and Michele Life Publishers International

Dunn, Steve and Astrid Germany

Evans, Stephen and Glenda South Africa

Garrett, Jeff and Wendy Missions Schools Fund Raising

Goodwin, Jeremy and Jenilee Senegal

Grams, Rodrick and Sherry Argentina

Hadinger, Michael and Ilona Mexico

Hoggard, Terry Lynn and Ruthann Europe

Hurst, Jhan Bradley and Iris Pacific Oceania

Klaehn, Daniel and Beatriz Nicaragua

Linderman, Henry and Karen France

Little, Christine Zambia

McCammon, Sharon Lithuania

Moebius, Zachary and Danika Central Asia

Muzart, Eric and Jan Ukraine

Owens, Greg and Sarah South Africa

Rosen, Adrian and Stephanie Philippines

Rostorfer, Jay and Carey Madagascar

Sawka, Kenneth and Susan Partners in Bible Translation

Shrader, William and Lena Peru

Silva, Ty and Cina Taiwan

Smythia, Isaac and Terry Latin America Church Planting

Stetz, Bob and Erin Switzerland

Strange, Timothy and Nicole Costa Rica

Thacker, Jim and Margaret Madagascar

Triplett, Don and Terri El Salvador

Turner, Dave and Marie Panama

Walent, Steven and Christina Germany

Walz, Bradley and Rhonda Latin America Caribbean

Maunda, Gil and Dolfi Tanzania

Joe and Cindy Martin The Gambia 

Home MissionsMinistry

Alexander, Jeff and Sara Chi Alpha Springfield

Bortner, Stephen and Sharon Chi Alpha Regional

Bryant, Alex and Angela

Burkhart, Paul and Crystal Chi Alpha Alaska

Gray, Bill and Cheryl Mobile, AL

Gray, Glen and Peggy Chi Alpha

Sermon, Russ and Rebecca International Friendship OSU

Kuriyama, Kenji and Sierra Chi Alpha OSU

Seidler, Jay and Ashley Chi Alpha Dayton

Cook, Jesse and Raelyn Chi Alpha Indiana Univ

Brannon, Steve and Liz Chi Alpha Ohio

Mahaney, Gregory Chi Alpha Toledo

Ostermeyer, Matt and Alicia Chi Alpha Ohio State

Open Youth Alive Ohio

Galyen, Connor Chi Alpha Ohio State

Adam and Drea Goodenough Chi Alpha Cincinnnati 


Victory Ministries

Emerge Ministries

Light for the Lost

Light for the Lost Fire Bibles

AG Trust Church Planting

Teen Challenge


Ohio Church Multiplication

Network Ministries

Northpoint Bible College

Speed the Light

Revive Church Hilltop

Convoy of Hope

WIIWT (What If It Was True?)

Royal Family Kids Camp

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