Light Up the Night Volunteers

Sharing the Love of Jesus!

We are excited to announce our Fall outreach! It is called “Light Up the Night” and we have three opportunities to reach our communities in the following ways through your LIFEgroup or through a group of friends (a group of 6 or more is needed to be qualified):

“Beggars Night“ - a lot of our our neighbors and friends are walking around the neighborhood begging for candy. As kids and adults walk by, we can pass out candies, doughnuts, hot chocolate or cider, small gifts (one group will be passing out a ball that reads Glow w/ God!!!), items that share Christ, and Radiant Life Church cards. Have some games set out for your group and invite your new friends to play! This would be on the same day as your city celebrates “beggars’ night”. OUTreach event (Up to $500 available to help with food, prizes and more!)

“Fall Fest” – invite your neighbors and group over for food, games, fellowship!!! Start inviting as many neighbors as possible, today! Set your yard games out and fire up your grills!!! A great outreach event for your community! OUTreach event! (Up to $250 available to help with food, prizes and more!)

“Game Night” – you and your group invite some friends over for some games or conversations inside your home. A nice relaxing atmosphere always provides for some great stories of our lives. INreach Night!

Get with your LIFEgroup or a group of friends and let's LIGHT UP THE NIGHT for JESUS!